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Steps of Car Engine Cleaning in Christchurch

Your engine is one of the most critical parts of your car. In the engine bay area, you may be able to find the engine, battery, transmission, and other important components that help to run the vehicle smoothly. However, car engine cleaning in Christchurch is often neglected. Some people may not clean the engine bay ever. Therefore, the engine bay area can accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and grime over time. You may notice corrosion that may lead to component failure in the end.

How Car Engine Cleaning is Done?

Prepare the Tool and Cool Down the Engine 

Before starting the process of car engine cleaning, you must prepare everything. It is important to ensure that the engine is completely cool. If the engine is not in an appropriate condition to receive the cleaning, your vehicle can experience serious damage. You must have all the necessary supplies and tools with you such as protective gloves, plastic coverings, vacuum cleaner, streamer, degreaser and microfiber clothes.

Don’t want to take the stress of cleaning the engine yourself, you can always call our professionals for an engine cleaning service.

Remove Dirt, Debris and Dust

To get rid of the accumulated dirt, dust and debris, you can use a brush. A blower or vacuum cleaner can come in handy on the occasion. Both the vacuum cleaner and blower are usually attached to the hose. While using the tools for cleaning, you must try to avoid damage to the sensitive components. It is better not to put a lot of pressure as it can shift the position of the components and make things worse for you.

Unlock Your Car Battery and Protect Electrical Components Using Plastic Covers

During car engine cleaning, you must clean the area close to the battery. Therefore, it is better to disconnect the battery first. Chances of electric shock can be avoided in the process.

The positive terminal in the battery must be located first to remove the cable safely. Following the removal of the cable, you can place it in a safe location. If you remove the engine battery, you can clean the place underneath easily. Sensitive areas such as the ignition wire, engine control unit and control system must be covered with a plastic sheet. In this way, you can protect these components from any type of degreasers and water.

Degreaser Application and Scrubbing

Over different plastic and rubber components, you must apply degreaser. It can help to break down the grime and grease that has accumulated on these components over time. Each time, you can apply a degreaser in a small section. Starting from the underside of the hood, you can go upward. Post application of the degreaser, you can agitate the dust and dirt using a brush. Later on, you can use a stream to rinse the location. It is possible to eliminate the residual dirt by wiping the area with a microfiber cloth.

Repeating the process for each section, you can get a clean engine. All the nooks and crannies must be given attention as the grime can accumulate anywhere easily.

Rinse with a Streamer of Pressure Washer

For proper car engine cleaning in Christchurch, you need to rinse the area after degreasing. Either a pressure washer or a streamer can be utilised for this purpose. Professionals recommend using a pressure washer in a low setting. Otherwise, sensitive components can become damaged.

To dry the location, microfiber clothes are usually utilised. It is essential to get rid of every trace of water from the engine bay area.

Reconnect the Car Battery

In the end, when the degreasing and cleaning process is complete, you can connect the battery to the positive terminal once again. Just find the terminal for reattaching the cable without much hassle. A secure connection must be established. Now, you can have a clean engine that is ready to use.

Car engine cleaning in Christchurch helps to keep the car in top condition. Contact our professional for car washing and cleaning if you don’t have time or energy.

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