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Super Valet Service of 369 carwash

Permanently remove marring and scratches with wax and polishing in Christchurch

With time, the paintwork of your vehicles through washing and pollution becomes scratched and marred. It will no longer have the sheen it used to, as scratches will become apparent in the sunlight and essentially it won’t look that great. Our wax and polishing in Christchurch remove swirls, marring and scratches from your paint to get your paintwork looking sharp again.

Restore the look of your car with our professional wax and polishing in Christchurch     

One of the best ways to rejuvenate the overall look of your car is with professional wax and polishing in Christchurch. This specialized process can transform your car’s outlook by removing grime, dirt and oxidation accumulation. It is a perfect solution if your car has lost its original luster and now looks dingy and dull. It can also assist to remove light scratches and swirl marks that can appear over time.

At 369 Car Wash, our team of trained detailers has the right experience, equipment and tools to offer the best polishing services you require rejuvenating the painted surface of your car. We comprehensively inspect every vehicle before commencing the polishing process to make sure we use the right tools and compounds to get the job done properly.

Our waxing and car polishing services will impart your car the attention it deserves. Call when you require them, or book a regular waxing service schedule. When you bring your car in, they won’t try to rush your car valet. They will take the time required to do the job comprehensively without any shortcuts, using the just top quality materials that we have proven to be the best.

Our polish procedures cover everything to impart a surface that looks and feels like glass. Contact us today!

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