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Get the most reliable car headlight restoration in Christchurch right here!

Yellowing or faded headlights are caused by the oxidization of the surface of the exterior cover. Allow us to carry out your car headlight restoration in Christchurch from dull, yellowed headlights to brand-new condition.

Reverse the impacts of faded, yellowed or aged headlights with our unique repair procedures. Our repair system restores your headlights with more than two years of the lens coating system. Our car headlight restoration includes dull, faded, UV-damaged headlights at a fraction of the cost according to NZ standards.

First of all, we remove yellowing, oxidation, and UV damage from the headlight. Then we apply our lens restoration process to fix the headlight, restoring clarity to the polycarbonate. The headlight is then coated with more than 2 years of coating to ensure a durable finish that will keep you safer for a longer period.

Headlight restoration is the act of refinishing old headlight lenses that have become dull or discolored due to oxidation basically due to UV light and other environmental factors like rain, road debris impact, and exposure to caustic chemicals.

Restore your yellowed or faded headlights with car headlight restoration in Christchurch

Headlight restoration is a vital part of car maintenance, but have you ever wondered why it is vital? Not only does it enhance the outlook of your car, but it also improves safety and visibility on the road.

Restoring your headlights is an easy and reasonable way to enhance your visibility on the road and impart your car a much-required facelift. By following these systematic instructions and using the right materials and tools, you can restore the shine and clarity to your headlights in no time. So what you are waiting for? Commence your headlight restoration project with us today and enjoy cleaner, safer driving for years to come.

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