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Your search for car engine cleaning in Christchurch ends here!

Engine cleaning is extremely vital for your car to work effectively and properly.  There are advantages of engine cleaning services for your vehicle. With regular usage, sludge will deposit in your vehicle’s engine, and it will take away from the complete potential of the engine. As it will limit the combustion process within the cylinder, and will make the engine run poor. Therefore, a regular car engine cleaning in Christchurch will make sure that the engine is effective, and the car has good mileage.

Flushing the engine will comprehensively clean the engine, which will ensure an ideal combustion. Therefore, most of the fuel will turn into mechanical energy and restrict the amount of emission from the exhaust. Regular engine cleaning services also assist in cooling the engine as it cleans the walls of the engine, assisting in heat dissolution. A cool engine will be healthy and will consume less fuel.

Know more about car engine cleaning in Christchurch

We at 369 Car Wash offer the best engine cleaning services. Our highly skilled technicians follow the following steps to cater to the service.  

At the early stage of engine cleaning, our technicians add a chemical additive to remove all the dangerous build-ups from moving components of your car’s engine.

Within 10 to 15 minutes, the flush will channel through the engine while cleaning parts of the motor. This will lead to a clean and clear motor that has no deposits. After all of this is complete, the old engine oil is drained and new oil is poured into the engine. Our technicians will not only ensure a successful engine flushing but also inspect your car comprehensively and make sure there are no further issues. If they see a future issue, they will inform you and offer you a completely free quote and save expensive repairs.

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