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Super Valet Service of 369 carwash

Looking for Car leather conditioning in Christchurch? Look no further!

Take good care of your investment with our qualified leather experts. We will recognize your car’s leather type and choose products particularly designed to clean and remove soil accumulation and other stain-causing aspects. We will then carry out car leather conditioning in Christchurch and safeguard your leather to revitalize its natural beauty and feel.

Leather is a very long-lasting upholstery material. Nonetheless, evidence of depreciation is highly evident. Most of the cleaning products on the market are not appropriate for leather and might break down the leather finishes, leading to cracking and dryness. With time, perspiration, body oils, skin acids, and regular depreciation can reduce the outlook of leather furniture, leaving stains or dark spots.

369 Car Wash provides a safe and effective clean for leather furniture that restores its natural vibrancy and shine, prevents undue depreciation, and keeps leather furniture looking excellent. Our technician will utilize products particularly designed to clean and remove soil accumulation and other stain-causing aspects, finishing with a conditioning and protective treatment.

Try our Car leather conditioning in Christchurch today!

Okay, we have some good news for you. 369 Car Wash can clean and restore your leather upholstery to its former glory. And we do this in no time, safely, and without hassle or fuss.

369 Car Wash’s detailed cleaning and restoration services for leather upholstery are a safe, hassle-free, and no-fuss process.

A leather cleanser is applied to remove all types of soiling from the surface of the leather hide. This work is completed by hand to make sure that your invaluable leather furnishings are treated gently and with respect.

When the leather has been completely cleaned, a refinishing cream, that has a protective coating, is applied to improve the outlook and safeguard the leather from spills and depreciation.

Call 369 Car Wash now and enjoy your leather upholstery again.

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