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Super Valet Service of 369 carwash

Get the best dog hair removal in Christchurch right here!

369 Car Wash has the right equipment and tools to get the job done properly. Our dog hair removal in Christchurch will leave the interior of your car looking as if there was never a pet in there at all. We also offer interior shampoo leather conditioning and restoration services to keep your car smelling new and fresh and to keep any kind of leather surface crack-free and looking at its best.

Our dog hair removal loosens trapped hair from the carpet and upholstery. Many of our clients have cats and dogs that regularly ride in their cars. With time, pet hair can start building up, making its way deep into the upholstery fabric in a manner that makes regular vacuuming ineffective for eliminating it. A couple of times a year, you will want to have the pet hair removed, specifically so if you are planning to sell your car soon. Many people have allergies to dander and pet hair which will be a deal breaker while looking for a new car.

For this reason, we have an easy dog hair removal service for our detailing packages that eliminate every trace of animal from your vehicle, bringing it back to brand new condition in no time.

What is involved in our dog hair removal in Christchurch

We commence by vacuuming the entire interior of the car as we generally would get the hair and surface dirt out of the way so we can more effectively deep clean the upholstery.

Our dog hair removal service is part of any of our detailing packages. That implies if you come in for fast interior detailing or complete car detailing, you can request a dog hair removal service to complete the transformation of your vehicle.

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