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Super Valet Service of 369 carwash

Book our car excess mud removal in Christchurch right here!

Regardless of how mindful you are, dirt and mud love to leave marks on your car foot space and seats. You will want to keep your seat and car floor looking brand new. Here are some systematic instructions for convenient car excess mud removal in Christchurch with items you may have handy at home.

With years of experience in cleaning sensitive leather and fabrics, 369 Car Wash can assist in reviving and improving their outlook. Our leather care process ensures complete excess mud removal and restores the suppleness and tenderness of leather furniture.

Our specialized technicians pretest every job to make sure the safest technique possible is used to treat your specific fabric. Most of the fabrics can be restored with our contemporary equipment and special cleaning formulas.

Improve outlook with our car excess mud removal in Christchurch

369 Car Wash are expert in cleaning sensitive fabrics. No matter what kind of car interiors you have, 369 Car Wash can help keep them looking neat and well-maintained.

Prolong the life of your car upholstery

369 Car Wash applies specialized cleaning formulas to your upholstery and then works to gently release staining without damaging the upholstery. After that, we use a vacuum extraction system.

As we all are proud of our cars when our car furnishings start looking a bit worse for depreciation or a beloved child or friend enters the car with shoes immersed in dirt and mud, we might require a bit of assistance. This is where our expert advice and handy tips from our experts at 369 Car Wash come in. We have put together our top tips on how to clean upholstery and remove mud stains from your car interiors. And, if you are in doubt strike a stain, or require a deep cleaning, we are always here to take care of it for you!

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