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Super Valet Service of 369 carwash

Get the best Mag Wheel restoration in Christchurch right here!

Just drive into our workshop and allow our team take care of removal, replacement, or mag wheel restoration in Christchurch. After that, we can work on the precise price for your damaged wheel. How simple is that?

We offer free quotes on inspection, are approved to execute mag wheel restoration, and have years of experience in the industry.

Get Mag Wheel restoration in Christchurch of the best quality right here!

369 Carwash has one of NZ’s most upgraded wheel restoration shops which makes sure that we can impart your wheels a top quality finish. In most cases, a complete renovation of your set of wheels will just cost a fraction of the price of a brand-new set of wheels.

The Mag wheel restoration services that we offer are highly specialized. Let us look at our brake dust removal services first. Particles from the brakes come loose whenever you brake. These particles attach to your wheels and accumulate over time. The issue is that brake dust is quite hard to remove. With regular cleaning products, it is realistically impossible. Even Mag wheel restoration products you can buy from a local retailer are generally ineffective, specifically if the brake dust has become etched into your wheel alloy.

If you are looking for Mag wheel restoration services, your search ends here! We use specialized equipment and products to restore all types of Mag wheels. Mag wheel is a vital part of the overall look of your vehicle. Damaged mag wheels can also reduce the value of your vehicle.  At 369 Car Wash, we emphasize one thing and one thing only, making your Mag wheels look like new again. We can offer you the best mag restoration services you are looking for.

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