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Super Valet Service of 369 carwash

Get your car back into shape with our car body mounding restoration in Christchurch

Our top priority at 369 Car Wash is to get you back on the road and ensure you drive as safely as possible. Hence, we can assist with car body mounding restoration in Christchurch you might require after a collision or just for your car’s ongoing maintenance.

If you have been associated with an accident and come to us for bumper, dent, or body repair work, we will frequently ascertain whether the chassis of your car requires straightening.

Why should you get car body mounding restoration in Christchurch

If the body of your car has been damaged in a collision, it is important to get it ascertained and if possible, fixed. If you keep on driving with a body that has been damaged or bent, not only will there be possible safety problems with your car, but you might also have performance and safety problems with other components.

Moreover, it will also impact your suspension and shock system. It is not something you want to neglect. Most importantly, nonetheless, you should check your car’s body for damage to ensure your car is safe to drive.

Can any car model body be straightened?

There are various types of chassis, depending on the make, model, and age of the car. Some instances include a backbone, ladder frame, tubular, or uni-frame chassis.  You don’t have to know what chassis type you have. We can fix most car models in New Zealand. The experienced team at 369 Car Wash specializes in collision repair and car body straightening for a wide range of vehicles.

We aim to have everyone on NZ roads driving safely. We provide a guarantee on our car repairs, right from panel beating to collision repair service. Get in touch with us online or call us for a free quote or to schedule an appointment.

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