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Super Valet Service of 369 carwash

Sedan: $109
4WD/SVU/SW/LWB: $124

All-in Deluxe Valet Plus: At “Super Valet,” we believe in providing nothing short of extraordinary care for your cherished vehicle. Our Super Valet service starts with the All-in Deluxe Valet Plus, which encompasses a comprehensive approach to both the interior and exterior of your car. From the tip of your bumper to the back of your boot, we ensure no detail is overlooked.

Clean Interior Plastic: Your car’s interior plastics should exude the same pristine quality as the day you first laid eyes on it. With our Super Valet, we carefully and lovingly clean every inch of your car’s interior plastic components. The result? A dust-free, spotless interior that reflects true automotive beauty.

Clean Interior Door Panels: The door panels of your car deserve to be more than just functional; they should be a work of art. Our dedicated team takes special care in cleaning and restoring the interior door panels, eliminating any signs of wear and tear, smudges, or blemishes. You’ll witness a transformation every time you open your car door.

Protective Bumper Treatment: We understand the importance of safeguarding your car’s bumpers. As part of the Super Valet service, we apply a protective treatment to your bumpers. This not only enhances their appearance but also shields them from the rigors of the road, ensuring they stay in top-notch condition.

Air Vent Cleaned: Your car’s air vents play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and comfortable interior environment. We meticulously clean and refresh these vents, ensuring that the air you breathe is pure and free of dust or allergens.

Silicon Wheel Arches: Your car’s wheels are its foundation, and we give them the attention they deserve. Our Super Valet includes applying silicon treatment to the wheel arches, creating a protective barrier that enhances their appearance while safeguarding against the elements.

Acid Wheel Wash: To complete the transformation, we include a thorough wheel wash as part of our Super Valet service. Clean, sparkling wheels not only look stunning but also contribute to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

With “Super Valet,” we redefine the standards of automotive care. Your car is more than just a mode of transport; it’s an expression of your personality. Experience the pinnacle of automotive excellence with our Super Valet service.

To embark on this extraordinary journey of car care, book your appointment today. Contact us and let us pamper your vehicle with the precision and attention it truly deserves. Your car will thank you for choosing the “Super Valet” experience.

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