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Express Exterior Valet Service of 369 Carwash

Sedan: $39

High-Pressure Water Rinse: We kickstart the transformation with a powerful high-pressure water rinse. This step ensures that even the toughest dirt and grime are loosened, preparing your car for a deep clean.

Full Shampoo and Rinse: Your car deserves nothing but the best, and our full shampoo and rinse process guarantees that. Our dedicated team thoroughly scrubs away dirt and contaminants, leaving your car’s exterior refreshed and rejuvenated.

Complete Cotton Towel Dry: Attention to detail is our mantra. We don’t just leave your car to air dry; we meticulously towel-dry every inch, ensuring a spotless finish without water spots or streaks.

Clean Wheel and Wheel Arches: Your car’s wheels and wheel arches are like the finishing touch of a masterpiece. We ensure they’re spotless, ready to roll and shine on the road.

Protective Tyre Treatment: Your tires play a crucial role in your car’s appearance. We provide a protective treatment to keep them looking deep black and pristine, while also guarding them against the elements.

Exterior Window & Side Mirror: Crystal-clear windows and mirrors are a must for safety and aesthetics. We pay special attention to cleaning your exterior windows and side mirrors, leaving them not only streak-free but also mirror-like.

Checked and Cleaned: We’re not satisfied until every detail is perfect. Our team checks and cleans everything, ensuring that no part of your car is left untouched.

At “Express Exterior Valet,” we believe in the transformative power of a brilliantly cleaned car exterior. Your car’s shine matters, and we’re here to make it shine like never before.

To experience this level of excellence, book your appointment today. Contact us and let us take your car’s shine to the next level with Express Exterior Valet. Your car deserves to be a reflection of your pride and style.

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