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Super Valet Service of 369 carwash

Get the best our acid rain removal in Christchurch right here!

We clean bugs off, hand wash, clean rims inside and out, wipe off dashboard, clean tires, cup holders, consoles, ashtrays, complete vacuum, inside out windows and dress tires through our acid rain removal in Christchurch.

A sad an irritating product of today’s incessant air pollution is acid rain. Acid rain can take form as rain and also dust. The damage it causes to the paint of the car and windows can be permanent if not taken care of properly.

Let us just delve deep into the science of the matter. It is not the water that leaves etches or marks on the glass. The main culprits are the minerals. Magnesium and calcium seep into the glass pores. In case of acid rain, the contaminated elements of the rain are what cause the car damage.

Water spots or acid rains can integrate themselves onto the glass of your car, but 369 Car Wash can remove them for you! We do it always for people like you, and we can eliminate them for you also.

How to ensure acid rain removal in Christchurch?

The damage caused by acid rain is basically a result of air pollution that is typical of vehicles that are found in big cities. The pollution is caused by rain and then sits on the glass. After just a few hours sitting on the glass, the acid embeds into the glass leaving it to look awful with damage that is almost impossible to remove.

We can remove most of this damage and it just takes almost an hour to do. You can wait on your car while we restore your glass or you are welcome to drop it off and pick it up later.

Get in touch with us today to fix an appointment to get this done to your vehicle today!

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